With acquisition, Jive now embraces email

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Jive has been talking a lot about the death of email. But until email dies, the company apparently intends to embrace it.

During its earnings report this week, Jive revealed that it has made two acquisitions, including one of a company called StreamOnce.

StreamOnce will let Jive users pull information streams from various platforms, including email, CRM, and CMS systems, into Jive.

“One of the things that we commonly hear is as customers roll out Jive, they have tens or hundreds of thousands of employees who get used to getting work done in Jive. They don’t want to tab or app hop. They prefer to stay in Jive,” said Tim Zonca, senior director of product marketing for Jive.

With email pulled into Jive, users won't have to switch apps so much to get work done. The company plans to start out by integrating email platforms but mentioned that CRM and CMS systems might come next.

Jive has been working with StreamOnce for a while so the technology should be integrated into Jive “soon,” Zonca said.

Jive also acquired analytics tools developer Clara. Jive already offers some analytics – for instance, users who write blog posts can find out how many people read it and exactly who read it.

Clara, however, offers “extremely accurate” analytics about sentiment, Zonca said. The technology could be particularly useful for businesses that might use Jive for Customer Service to build communities. With Clara, a community manager could search for phrases related to a recent marketing campaign to get a sense of customer reaction to it, Zonca said.

But Clara also helps surface trends to managers without requiring them to search. “It will notice certain phrases or trends that you haven’t searched for but should know about,” he said.

Jive has also already been working with Clara so said to expect new features “in the coming weeks,” he said.

The company announced both acquisitions along with its first quarter earnings. The company lost $16.6 million (about double last year's Q1 loss) on revenue of $33.9 million (up 34% from the previous year), and boasted billings of $38.2 million (up 35%).

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