Why Amazon could actually beat Microsoft in enterprise tablets

Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will be at launch event

Credit: Amazon

It may seem counterintuitive, but given the rise of consumerization, Amazon now could be better positioned than traditional enterprise giant Microsoft to win business tablet users.

Amazon today introduced a new line of Kindle Fires chock full of features that appeal to business workers. It used to be that getting a foot in the door at enterprises meant hiring an experienced sales team and partnering with ISVs. But these days, Amazon doesn’t have to change a thing.

“Our primary channel to the customer is the B-to-C channel,” said Peter Larsen, vice president of product management for Kindle at Amazon. That includes the Amazon.com website as well as 10,000 retail outlets like Best buy. “Our primary customer is and will continue to be the consumer,” he said. “Increasingly, corporations and IT departments are putting the choice of which device to use into the hands of employees. Over the past year or so, our Kindle Fire customers have told us they’re bringing the Kindle Fire into work so we want to make that as easy as possible.”

He cited a Forrester study that found the Kindle Fire is the second most popular tablet at work in the U.S. “Based on information like that, we decided to double down on enterprise features,” he said. “The result of all this is I can now bring my Kindle Fire into work and as important, my IT department welcomes me with open arms.”

Larsen also pointed out that potential business users should consider the apps available in the Amazon App Store. Because developers have found that Kindle Fire customers “monetize at a high rate,” they’ve been drawn to the store, he said. “That’s increasingly drawing the attention of third party developers that work on enterprise software as well,” he said.

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