Enterproid CEO: "I don't see companies 100% moving to BYOD"

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Enterproid, which creates technology to separate work and personal apps and data on mobile devices, announced this morning $12 million in funding and a company name change – it’s dropping Enterproid in favor of Divide, the name of its product.

The new investment, led by Google Ventures, will help Divide grow but also continue on its path of building new partnerships, said CEO Andrew Toy.

Since Divide offers both software for phones as well as a console that IT managers use for mobile device management, it may seem counterintuitive that the company is partnering with other MDM providers. But its strategy is to continue to focus on helping companies manage BYOD and so it’s happy to bring that expertise to other MDM providers, Toy said.

“We are not trying to be all things to all people,” he said. “The nice thing for us in partnering with folks rather than competing with everyone is Divide is complimentary to many products out there.”

The company already has relationships with MDM providers including Fixmo, IBM, and Tangoe but has more in the pipeline. It expects to make more partner announcements in the coming weeks, he said.

There has been a lot of talk about businesses moving away from managing devices to managing apps. But Toy suspects that for a long time most businesses will need to support a variety of methods for managing the way workers use mobile devices. “I don’t think there’s a movement away from MDM,” Toy said. “What I see is a continuum.”

Many businesses started with one device, the BlackBerry, that the company owned and issued to workers and managed through the BlackBerry Enterprise servers. Then additional devices were added and businesses adopted another MDM product to manage them. Now, more businesses are allowing BYOD, but that’s not replacing the previous policies.

“People still have BlackBerry and they still use BES. They still have corporate-liable iPads and they use MDM. And they have a BYOD population. I don’t see companies 100 percent moving to BYOD, just like they’re not 100 percent BlackBerry. They’ll have different solutions for different employees,” he said.

Through its partnerships with other MDM providers, Divide is integrating its technology that helps IT managers better manage BYOD devices alongside company owned devices. Divide aims to simplify the management of various BYOD devices by offering a similar look and feel to secure apps across all Android devices as well as iOS, Toy said. For Android, that can be a challenge because many of the big vendors like Samsung, HTC, and Motorola have their own, different device management technologies. “Divide simplifies that,” Toy said. “It runs on multiple platforms and looks similar within Android so we can defragment Android.”

Not everyone will want to partner with Divide though. In addition to competing with device products like Samsung’s Knox and even BlackBerry Balance, Divide competes against Good Technology. Some of the companies it partners with, like Tangoe, also offer secure container technologies. But for a relatively new company like Divide, partnering with other more recognizable names is a good way to try to get a foothold in the enterprise.

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