Enterprises lukewarm on building Windows 8 tablet apps

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In a recent survey of more than 700 enterprise leaders, only 30% said they were "very interested" in developing enterprise mobile apps for Windows 8 tablets. In contrast, nearly 80% were very interested in developing iPad apps, and more than 50% are very interested in making apps for Android tablets.

That's faint praise for Microsoft's new platform, given that Windows has been the corporate standard in computing clients for decades. It suggests that Microsoft still has a lot of evangelizing to do in order to get the longstanding Windows developers on board for making Windows 8 apps.

The survey was conducted by Appcelerator, which makes a mobile app development and management platform for enterprises. Most of the survey respondents were in technical roles, but about 30% were non-technical execs or marketing pros.

In a separate question, Appcelerator asked which of the IT "mega-vendors" was showing leadership in mobile. Microsoft did better than its competitors here, but even so, only 28.7% of respondents said it was a leader in mobile. Next best was SAP, with an abysmal 15.4% showing. The numbers were even lower for Oracle (10.8%), IBM (7.3%), and HP (4.6%).

Appcelerator also asked a more general audience of developers if they were "very interested" in building apps for various platforms. There, Windows tablets did a little better, with a 36% showing.

But that's actually a hair lower than it was a year ago, when 37% of developers surveyed said they were interested in developing for Windows tablets.

Here's the chart of results from enterprises and developers from the latest survey, conducted in November and December of last year. You can download the full report here.

Credit: Appcelerator

And here are the results from the survey of developers (only) a year ago:

Credit: Appcelerator
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