Walter Cronkite shows the home office of the future -- in 1967

Credit: YouTube

Here's a funny video making the rounds: back in 1967, CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite gave viewers a predictive tour of the home office of 2001.

The hardware looks ridiculous -- four monitors and no smartphones? -- but he got a few things right. A lot of us start our day by looking at news headlines from all around the world -- isn't that what Twitter is for? -- although there probably aren't many folks who still print stories out to keep as permanent copies. He also predicted online weather reports, stock quotes, and videoconferencing.

He was a little off on the closed-circuit TV connection to other rooms in the house, though. Nowadays, you're much more likely to send your family a text from your smartphone to ask them what's for dinner. 

The summary, however, is absolutely spot-on: "With equipment like this, in the home of the future, we may not have to go to work. The work would come to us."

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