TripIt collects all your travel itineraries on one mobile device

Planning for a business trip—and actually executing your itinerary’s various flights, hotel bookings, and car rentals—has rarely been easier or more mobile. That’s thanks to the TripIt mobile app and its useful enterprise functionality.

When I took TripIt for a spin, I was prompted to sync my email account with the app. The process is necessary: TripIt pulls your trip itineraries, airline confirmation emails, and hotel booking information from your inbox and turns them into one comprehensive travel plan. TripIt’s Auto Import function, which scours your Gmail account automatically, is dead useful—especially with the volume of email you likely receive on a daily basis. Enter your email address into the Auto Import box and tap “Start Now.” I found the process to take under a minute—and it displays every trip-related email that you’ve received. Once your itinerary’s in place, you can add, delete, or edit trip information with a few quick taps of the screen.

If you need to plan trips on the fly, you can import itineraries and plans right into the app when you receive confirmation emails from travel providers thanks to a handy email forwarding function. Simply forward the email to the address and it’ll become part of your TripIt itinerary. I could see this being incredibly useful for busy professionals trying to coordinate plans while balancing a hectic workload.

Speaking of busy professionals, TripIt offers TripIt for Business accounts designed specifically for enterprises, teams, and small businesses. Once you sign up for TripIt for Business, you can control several TripIt or TripIt Pro accounts at once—making sure that each member of the team stays up-to-date on travel plans to your next big conference or meetup. It uses the same functionality found in the consumer app to coordinate the travel plans of everyone in your office. The staff’s travel plans are then listed on a trip calendar shared between all the travelers you’re tracking.

TripIt for Business also adds expense reporting, so you can keep real-time tabs on how much those flights, hotel rooms, and rental cars are costing you. It’ll even help you predict future travel spend and tell you which team members are doing the best job traveling economically. TripIt for Business offers four different account levels—one for up to 10, 25, 50, or 100 users—making this a viable solution for small enterprises or large teams.

With an intuitive UI—literally every core function takes two or three taps of the screen—and effective functionality, TripIt earns points as a consumer app. However, the TripIt for Business enterprise functionality helps it earn a gold medal.

Want to try TripIt for yourself? Get it here.

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