Gmail for business: Now 100 percent ad-free

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Scroogled no more.

Scroogled no more: Google Enterprise President Amit Singh took to the official Google blog today to issue word that beginning today, the company's paid cloud productivity tools would be entirely ad-free -- and that Google will no longer mine data for advertising purposes from the premium business version of Gmail.

This follows a similar move in April for Google Apps for Education, at which time Google promised to do the same for all paid versions of Gmail.

This news of a totally ad-free Google Apps came at the tail end of a series of announcements around adding more security and compliance controls to its paid SaaS offerings.

First, Gmail for Google Apps now supports mail routing, delivery controls, and SMTP relay, giving the administrator control over the flow and filtering of messages in and out of the organization. (Aside: "Gmail for Google Apps" seems to be the new name for the premium, business-grade Gmail, indicating that "Google Apps" is now the catch-all brand for Google's premium services) 

Second, administrators can now set policy on what kinds of files can be sent or received in Gmail for Google Apps. And finally, TLS encryption of message content makes it harder to spoof e-mails or eavesdrop.

"All this is part of our commitment to providing the best security to ensure your data is protected, while strengthening the features our Google Apps customers care about the most," writes Singh in his blog entry. 

It looks like Microsoft will have to find a new marketing tactic in its ongoing quest to block Google's push into the enterprise

Meanwhile, because it's Friday, here's that Microsoft internal video from 2011 making fun of Gmail for scanning users' emails for ads. 


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