Salesforce jumps on the wearables bandwagon

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Credit: LadyGeekTV via Flickr

Is an enterprise wearable revolution brewing?

Salesforce is betting that wearables are going to be the next major platform in the enterprise with the launch of Salesforce Wear, which aims to help developers build apps for smartwatches, augmented vision overlay devices, motion interface devices, and any other kind of computing device that you strap to yourself. 

That's mostly made manifest in the form of the open source Salesforce Wear Developer Pack, which prepackages reference code and demo applications so developers don't have to reinvent the wheel every time they want a wearable app to perform basic functions like updating a customer record in Salesforce's CRM. 

"Wearable app development is complex. It's a pretty big speed bump," says Salesforce's Daniel Debow, formerly co-founder and co-CEO of Salesforce acquisition Rypple, and now in charge of "emerging technologies" at the company.

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