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Why enterprise apps are so important to Apple's strategy

During Apple's latest earnings call, CEO Tim Cook focused on discussing how enterprises are not only deploying iOS devices in large numbers, but also how many enterprise apps some of the world's biggest companies have created. That...

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CITE Conference

Steven B. Johnson: Don't believe in the founder myth

Our interview with best-selling author and CITE Conference keynote speaker Steven Berlin Johnson.

The Changing Face of Collaboration in the Enterprise

The importance of having enterprise content anywhere is the main focus of this article. Along with this, having an API-based environment with collaborative applications can add a lot to productivity.

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How simple math and a Nike cultural imperative might have killed Fuelband

If Nike doesn't feel that it's truly able to create innovative products that can enhance athletic performance in a differentiated way, it gets out of the market.

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Why Google's Project Ara will fail

Modular phones won't be as slick as their high-end competitors and will be too expensive to disrupt from the bottom.

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The "third platform" of computing means a massive increase in scale

An interview with IDC analyst and CITE speaker Joe Pucciarelli.

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BlackBerry opts out of a BYOD world

What Blackberry CEO John Chen meant when he said he'd get out of the phone business if he couldn't make money at it.

Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscape: Cloud File Sharing

Box recommends this report for any growing business or company considering an investment in enterprise content collaboration and cloud file sharing.

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Not Android, not iOS: One of these others will win the mobile war

The smartphone market in the rich world is maturing. The growth is in the emerging markets and, increasingly, as hardware prices go down and connectivity goes up, the growth will be coming from poor countries.

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CITE Conference

Clari emerges from stealth to help mobile sales reps and their managers

Clari aims to help salespeople by compiling all the info they need from various sources, then offering helpful advice about sales calls based on real data.

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Microsoft is clearly gunning for Android more than Apple

With the Nokia buy, Microsoft seemed to be aping Apple. Now, it's looking more like Google.

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The rumors were true: Microsoft drops Windows fee to $0 on devices

Microsoft says it will stop charging OEMs for Windows on devices smaller than 9 inches.

Empowering Your Mobile Workers

A modern mobile IT strategy is no longer an option, it is an absolute necessity. Here's how some of the nation's most progressive corporations are meeting the many needs of their mobile workers with the help of Box.


ElasticBox looks to ease repetitive dev chores

Armed with $9 million in new funding, ElasticBox helps developers configure things like application servers and database servers.


Box can no longer play the underdog -- and that's bad news

Now that Box has filed to go public, the company must prove it's got the chops to be more than a disruptor.

Box files IPO: Big losses mask bigger ambitions

Box's cash burn has long been part of the common Silicon Valley gossip about the company -- especially in the careful off-the-record whispers of certain competitors -- but it's still a little stunning to see losses outstripping...

Cisco pledges $1 billion to help its partners get into the cloud game

The Intercloud will be based on the increasingly popular OpenStack platform, and it will support any workload, on any hypervisor and interoperate with any cloud, both private and public, according to Cisco.

3 Steps to Content Sharing and Collaboration ft. Forrester Research

Consumer sync and share tools help people access and send personal files, but smart IT leaders know that businesses require more than just ease-of-use.

The cloud continues to kick Oracle's butt -- but not just in technology

Oracle's quarterly earnings were a mixed bag, but it's clear the company faces stiff competition from more customer-centric cloud companies.

IDG Founder and Chairman Patrick J. McGovern dies at 76

MIT created the McGovern Institute for Brain Research with a gift from the McGoverns.

Why Dropbox would buy a messaging startup you've never heard of

Dropbox's willingness to buy companies like Zulip indicates that it may see itself as owning the entire collaboration stack, from content to collaboration. If Dropbox is taking its cues from Google, it may go a way towards justifying...

A Jive sale could mean bad news for standalone social products

New reports surfaced this morning, via Re/Code , that Jive may be looking for a buyer, an indication that the company might be struggling to compete against larger rivals.

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