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The Microsoft layoffs are about culture not money

You can’t split testing and development and marketing apart if you want a development culture where everyone joins in.

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Layoffs signal Microsoft is throwing in the towel on hardware (mostly)

Microsoft's layoffs, combined with recent comments from executives, indicate that the company plans to use hardware only to show OEMs how it's done, not with the goal of bringing in a significant revenue stream.

satya nadella

Microsoft's layoffs have to make sense

Why is the Microsoft CEO talking about coding when everyone else is speculating about layoffs? Because change has to go right through the company culture.

nadella big data

Nadella's Microsoft is obsessed with data-driven growth hacking

To be the productivity and platform company, Microsoft needs people to use its products; data science is how it's going to get more people to do that.

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Why did Microsoft publish Nadella's epic memo?

Part "Burning Platform" communique, part advertisement, argues one analyst

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The three most important things in Satya Nadella's mega-memo

In a lengthy memo, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella hinted at changes to come.


The little bit of good news in Box's latest numbers

Box's amended IPO filing shows that revenue is growing quite a bit faster than expenses, but the company's cash burn is still a problem.

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The great tech lull of 2014

Everybody's waiting for the next big thing.

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Cisco buys Assemblage to keep pushing modern collaboration

Cisco scooped up Assemblage, a company that has developed services like video conferencing and a presentation service that run entirely in the browser.

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The two most important things at Google I/O

Android for the developing world; Android everywhere.

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Amazon's first Fire Phone is just a test -- with huge long-term potential

The key feature, Firefly, is an unknown quantity. By getting the first Fire Phone out at a high price to a limited audience, Amazon can test it for bugs and see how much extra revenue it creates. Then, the real strategy begins.

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Box buys Streem to make the cloud part of your desktop

Box has purchased streaming media startup Streem to bolster its compliance and media features in one fell swoop.


PCs still not dead: Businesses are buying more than Intel expected

Intel just upgraded earnings thanks to stronger than expected sales of business PCs

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Decoding Satya Nadella's Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has a vision of “ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence”. It’s a world where his company builds for cloud and mobile first, but what does it mean for the rest of us?

Life after TweetDeck: Here are five alternatives

Twitter is pulling the plug on its TweetDeck app for the desktop, iOS, and Android on May 7. What are the options for long-time TweetDeck users once their favorite Twitter app goes away?

Tony Bates

Microsoft loses consumerization champion with Tony Bates resignation

Tony Bates, who joined Microsoft with the acquisition of Skype, has become president of GoPro.

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Salesforce and Microsoft team up on mobile, Office 365

The rumors are true: Microsoft and Salesforce are burying the hatchet and teaming up to bring native apps to Windows and Windows Phone and Salesforce data into Office 365.

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The Apple-Beats disaster

The deal makes just absolutely no sense, and it casts a pall on Tim Cook's leadership.

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