Mobile devices at work: Not just for email anymore

Good Technology 's newest quarterly report, released this morning, shows that mobile workers are increasingly using more sophisticated apps than they used to, particularly business intelligence and social business apps.

Samsung KNOX: A slow rollout, but far from dead

Samsung's high-security KNOX platform suffered from a delayed rollout and sometimes contradictory messaging about which devices support it and how to active it. Despite those challenges, the platform is likely to be a major new factor

Four key enterprise features in iOS 7 that aren't ready to go out of the box

iOS 7 includes many new features that will appeal to enterprise users and enterprise IT pros. Some, like data protection for all apps, are automatic and ready as soon as a device is upgraded or activated. But these four key features...

Embrace freedom: Forget about securing your employees' smartphones

IT is gradually coming around to the idea that secure mobility actually starts with securing your back-end data rather than devices.

Good Technology CEO: "We focus on the data, not the device"

Here's our full interview with Good Technology CEO Christy Wyatt, in which she explains the company's philosophy on containerization, user experience, and why customers trust Good for security.

Big tech vendors need to wake up and realize how people work

Employees just want to do their job when and where it needs to be done. It's time for vendors to start spending time in the trenches with real users, and stop pitching command-and-control solutions to IT admins.

Containerization can create a BYOD disaster

Containerization and dual persona solutions are attracting a lot of attention as a way to enabled BYOD with little to no device management. The problem is that overly aggressive containerization can negate all the advantages of BYOD.

Good Technology recognizes that no app is an island

Accomplishing tasks on a smartphone or tablet is very different from accomplishing them on a PC. Often mobile workers need two, three, or more discrete apps to deliver the functionality in a single desktop application. Securing these...

Actually, Apple is finally paying attention to the enterprise

Some pundits are once again on the tired "Apple doesn't get the enterprise" schtick. The irony of this is that Apple's iOS 7 will be the most enterprise-friendly and secure version of Apple's mobile platform to date.

AirWatch CEO: We'll be the "breakout market leader" in mobile management

In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview series, John Marshall talks about the changing enterprise demands for mobile management and how Airwatch plans to win.

Even with dual-persona phones, business and personal can still mix

As a result, many employers continue to wipe compromised phones completely.

Bad user experience can sink BYOD security like the Titanic

Security and device manageability are key IT concerns around BYOD. Providing a consistent and attractive user experience shouldn't be overlooked, however, because the user experience will ultimately determine how users respond to BYOD

The audacious vision of VMware Horizon: Manage access, not devices

VMWare's Horizon strategy points towards a future where mobile device management and even PC management are no longer IT's concern.

Fearmongers miss the point on mobile security

Brian Katz argues that mobile security is too focused on securing the barn doors after the horses have gone, not about protecting the horses. The real need is to focus on the data, not the endpoints.

The new trend in mobile security: Separating work and personal stuff

One of the dilemmas for end users in the BYOD era is giving the company the right to wipe the device. One way around this is containerization, where corporate data is kept separate from personal, and if wiping is required, only the...

KNOX: Samsung's big push to win the enterprise from BlackBerry and iOS

With KNOX, Samsung is delivering an enterprise-friendly and secure version of Android that will thrill IT and security professionals. That doesn't mean, however, that KNOX devices will be the first choice of employees taking advantage

Centrify provides key features to Samsung's new KNOX security system

Samsung's partnership with Centrify helps power secure authentication and enterprise identities on the new KNOX platform. That's good news for IT admins because it means they don't need to wait for KNOX-enabled devices to hit the...

BYOD still terrifies many IT managers -- but why?

A new survey of more than 1,400 IT managers shows that two-thirds of them think that BYOD policies "massively increase risks," and they're most worried about data security. There's a huge opportunity for vendors who can solve this...

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